A Mothers Promise 


Stretcher-Bearers! Stretcher-Bearers!
Seeking in the rain
Out among the flying death
For those who lie in pain,
Bringing in the wounded men-
Then out to seek again.
Out amongst the tangled wire
(Where they thickest fell)
Snatching back the threads of life
From out the jaws of Hell;
Out amongst machine-gun sweep
And blasts of shatt'ring shell.
For you no mad, exciting charge,
No swift, exultant fight,
But just an endless plodding on
Through the shuddering night;
Making ('neath a star-shell's gleam)
Where ere a face shines white.
Stretcher-Bearers! Stretcher-Bearers!
To you all praise be due,
Who ne'er shirked the issue yet
When there was work to do;
We who've seen and know your worth
All touch our hats to you.

- An anonymous tribute to stretcher bearers written by an Australian soldier in 1918, in the AIF magazine, Aussie.

Pack Up Your Troubles

Charles Tucker: Poster Boy for Music In War Exhibition

Poster In Hoddle St Featuring Charles Tucker

Grainger Museum

24 April 2015 - 20 December 2015


The Grainger Museum's contribution to the Centenary of ANZAC is the exhibition Pack up your troubles: Music and the Great War. With a focus on Australia, the exhibition explores the powerful and varied role of music and musicians during World War I and why music resonated so strongly across a broad spectrum of domestic, civic and military life.

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