The Great Adventure

Left Broadmeadows about 1.15pm with full packs, rifles and instruments and played most of the way to the station and not being used to load found it hard work. Thirty of us were packed into a luggage van with only two windows for ventilation so didn't enjoy the ride very much as it reminded us of the black hole of Calcutta.

At Flinders Street we learned of the sinking of the Lusitania and the fellows wanted to be brought face to face with the Germans there and then. Arrived at Port Melbourne were the Pater found me and marched me along to where Mother, relatives and friends were camped and was very glad to be able to say a last good-bye.

Marched aboard the Ulysses where we were at once allotted our mess tables, and places to sling our hammocks and at about 7.30 we moved off from pier and anchored off the Gellibrand Light for the night.

We were issued with hammocks and for a long while I debated whether I would be safe enough swinging all night but at last decided to chance it but took the precaution to tie myself in and found that it wasn't too bad


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