Fifty percent drunk

Woke up to find ourselves out of sight of land and rolling to a fairly heavy Mediterranean Sea. It came as a great grief to know we were to be landed at Egypt as we were all reckoning on going to England on account of the heat of the Egyptian summer.

Arrived in Alexandria at 2.30pm and entered the harbour which is something after the style of Colombo where we found over one hundred large steamers, nearly all troop ships some of them had been used as transports to the Dardanelles and showed signs of rough treatment. One steamer had a large hole made by the passage of a shell through her funnel.

In the evening the men dared the officers and all but about 200 ducked shore. There was a great fuss later but did no good as the Australians are too independent.

The men came back at all hours of the morning fifty percent being drunk and kicked up a row all the night through.

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