This land is a fair heart breaker

Well, we are here at last in a desolate country and the sooner we get away the better we will be pleased. This land is fair heart breaker, nothing but desert. We have been here two days now and things have not settled own yet. We have been subsisting on tea and ships biscuits since we landed and we are getting tired of that, also of the perpetual heat and it is not mid-summer yet. It is too hot to drill us in the day so we rise at 5am and start at 6am and drill till 9 then we have breakfast and after that we have to keep inside the shelter shed all day, with lectures now and again until 4pm when we go at it again till 7pm after which we have tea so we have a pretty big day of it and we are only too glad to sneak off to bye bye. The Band is not recognised here and we drill just the same as the troops for we are all to do our share of the fighting for which I am very glad as this city is full of convalescent soldiers many of whom I have spoken to and they have told me all about the Dardanelles and what happened there. I suppose you heard of some of the atrocities that the Turks perpetrated there but you don't know half what they did and the Australians were quite justified in not taking any prisoners. I am not as a rule a blood thirsty man but nothing shall give me greater pleasure than to know I have knocked over a few.

We are in Heliopolis, a suburb of Cairo and about 16 miles from the Pyramids and the old Australian Camp. The Pyramids look very picturesque from where we are and as soon as I can I'm going to take the trip. I am gong to get a pass to the Hospital as soon as I can manage it, to see if Miss Ricketts is still here, and to see if Ted Ivory is in this hospital but I think that the Australians are nearly all sent to Malta. We have had a real good voyage and the next time I write I will give you a full account of it, as this is rather a hurried note to enable me to catch the mail which closes tonight. I'm glad we won't be here very long we are wanted pretty badly at the Dardanelles. I managed to get a few cards of Colombo after a hard struggle and I can get plenty of Alexandria, Cairo, Suez so I will be sending them very shortly as soon as we are settled in our new quarters. You haven't seen my new Mo have you? I've got over a weeks growth on and they coming grand the whole eleven of them. When you receive this please compare the dates and let me know how long it takes to reach good old Australia, after all there's no place like home and does not take a chap long to find out either.

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