Watching out for "Tin Fish"

At Sea

Just a line to let you know we are having a splendid trip, although we are days out of our course on account of submarines and we have to take our lifebelts with us where ever we go I'm resting this paper on mine now.

We have lookouts posted all over the boat on the watch for “Tin Fish” otherwise, subs. We are having lovely weather and our boat the Allan liner “Scotian” is a fair flier. She is very dirty down below though and we don't spend any more time than we can help below.

Ernie and I slept on deck the first night and nearly blown overboard and also we had to shift too early in the morning to be pleasant. So as Ernies bunk is not too bad and has a porthole to it, we both slept downstairs last night and slept til seven this morning and heard them having “physical jerks” on deck when we awoke. He's a funny chap and can't stand seeing the black things crawling up the side of his bunk. I don't know how much of this will be crossed out by the Censor but by the time it reaches you any information that maybe in it will be too old to be of any service to the enemy.

I was very glad to get your two letter just before we left, the papers have not all arrived yet, only the Globes Dad sent but the others no doubt will arrive in due course.

I have only seen about two fellows sick this trip and as for myself I am absolutely A1, could not be better, Ernie, Ralph likewise.

We three talked well into the night before retiring last evening, and talked of old times and incidences and had many a laugh over things that had happened in the past down at “Clava”.

My socks are going well, they are beauties, far better than those we have issued to us and they will be appreciated far more now that winter is coming on, and we will be sleeping in dug outs etc. I will write when I can and please put in a coupe of sheets of paper and a small envelope when you write or else I will have to answer you on the backs of cigarette packets and jam labels and so forth with, love from your loving son

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