and, and, and, ad lib AMEN!

France May 13, 1916

They tell us that today is Sunday so I'm taking their word for it. I also think it is somewhere near the 13th, anyhow I'll chance it. I slept in on the strength of it being Sunday till 12 noon, but think I can be excused as I didn't get to be until about 4am after working all night. It is great this sporting life. We are still out in reserve, but I think we will be going back early in the week, and none of us are sorry for now we can't get to town or leave billets or “nothink” and the weather has been cold and wet. And our shed has been swamped out, all our clothes are wet and we haven't a dry change, and it's beginning to rain again and soon we will be marching out again for our night's entertainment and and and ad lib AMEN.

During the week the mail has been filtering through and I pulled yours of March 21st, for which I was truly thankful. Also thanks muchly for the photo which arrived safely. I'm glad you got the little things I picked up on Gallipoli. I got three letters from Bill but I'm not answering them, and don't expect he'll get my last. He appears to have had a good time in camp, all details do, and even in the field they have by far the best time. They get the best of everything.

A big armful of papers has just arrived for me. Thank you so much. The papers date back to February and some of them should have reached me weeks ago. Thanks for the paper and the envelopes in the Globes. I got two parcels of Globes. They are very interesting.

I saw Bob Newing a couple of weeks ago and quite forgot to mention it before. He is in good nick and is taller, broader and thicker than ever. I got a letter from Miss Astley this afternoon and she says that she's never heard from me but I have written to her. I suppose it has gone where a lot of others have gone.

Nothing at all has happened during the week – a few places on either side of us shelled- but so far they have left us alone.

Two nights ago they brought down one of our planes quite close to us, but the aviator was flying too low altogether and they couldn't very well have missed him. Their machines get up until you can scarcely see them and never come down at all. I see the red, white and blue rings of ours quite plainly.

The brush that the 20th Batn. had with the Huns last week turned out to be a bit of a scandal. The 20th, by all accounts, disgracing themselves but I guess it will be hushed up, I haven't heard a full account of it but I know enough.

Ralph, who was the one in charge of the 6th Brigade gaol, had a shell burst in the field not far off and a bit of shell grazed him on the leg, but nothing serious. He is at the 6th F.A. now and will be back in a couple of days from all accounts.

Our billet is quarantined and I haven't been able to go and find out or see him. I've written to Amy about it.

I hope you are well and all the nips. I was dreaming about them last night and thought that Olive was a baby and I was carrying her, but I don't think I could carry her very far in reality now.

I will close now with love from

Your affectionate son.

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